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About Us

Making an ERP that beyonds all barriers, for every business entity who is suffering.
- DK. Lee, Founder & CEO


Guarantee the ‘freedom’ of information use for decision-makers in the world of business


Create the one and only valuable platform service that users can work efficiently and use the service without any time-consuming trainings.

Our Team

Think reversely, Act professional, Be rational

Attracted by the CEO's vision and passion, the talented people are currently working with erpper.

Deokku, Lee
Founder/ CEO
Hyundong, Kim
Dongguk, Park
Team Leader
Product Design & Development Team

Skilled developers with Accounting knowledges

Global IR & Strategic Planning Team

Professional Management Accountants(CMA)

Company History

The success of erpper, acheived after several years of our effort for development that was close to impossible.
Attracted Series A investment in S.Korea
Research, Planning, and Development for erpper ERP
Established erpper Global