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Universal Version of ERP

One erpper ERP generates

multiple versions for each country with fully localized

Local adaptation for each country is getting simpler through editing the 'universal version' of erpper ERP. Based on local market needs, you can add or remove any particular functions from erpper's 'universal version'.

ADD Localized Functions

e.g.: Tax Accounting for each country

REMOVE Unnecessary Functions

Based on GAAP principles followed

Example: erpper Korea version
VAT Related Function

Based on S.Korea Indirect Tax System

Inventory Management- Defaulted

Perpetual & Periodic Inventory system

Electronic tax invoice Service

Based on S.Korea's ERP market need

Period-end Settlement Service - Defaulted

Predetermine accounts for closing entry

Real-time Calculation of Exchange Rate - Defaulted

All currencies in the world calculted in real time